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About FaGal Connections 


FaGal Connections is a nonprofit organization with its headquarters in Bochum, Germany. The organization was founded in 2021 by Fabrice Ineza, Jörg Galilee Uwimana.

They are all natives from Rwanda and are presently pursuing Computer Science, Mechatronics, and mechanical engineering at the Bochum University of Applied Sciences and Georg Agricola technical university in Bochum. Our vision and goal are to connect people globally from diverse cultural backgrounds through different exchange of services. 


We began with a focus on strengthening the bridge between Rwanda and Germany through education, where people from Rwanda would be able to have the opportunity to study at universities in Germany. In return, both the students and professors from Germany would also be able to access different services in Rwanda. By creating this platform, we believe in a future of unity, teamwork, and worldwide sustainable development.


Building and acting as a bridge worldwide between relationships and helping people to realize their true potential, dreams and enabling them to achieve their goals through a quick, strong, and reliable connection between countries.


FaGal connections long to achieve successful connectivity and beneficial partnerships globally . As a result of this, the doors of culture exchange and opportunities will be open and people from both sides can start to integrate by exchanging ideas and skills.


We develop relationships that make a positive impact in our customers' lives by providing them with reliable, quality, and fast services.

Honesty at the foundation of our core values and principles. We aim to work as part of a network of friendly relationships, with the customer always remaining a priority.

Meet our team

Felicite Mugombozi

Félicité Mugombozi

I am Félicité Mugombozi, PhD Student in Public International Law at Universität Leipzig / Germany and Junior Lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the Université Libre des Pays des Grands Lacs (ULPGL)/Goma (

I am a Lawyer at the Bar of Bukavu (DRC), specializing in human rights.

FaGal Connections e.V. is a bridge between higher education institutions in Europe and Africa. It is an excellent opportunity for students, lecturers, and researchers to experience the academic and scientific world in Africa in general and in Rwanda in particular.

Prof. Dr. Traugott Jähnichen

Prof. Dr. Traugott Jähnichen

I am a Professor of Protestant Social Ethics at the Protestant Faculty of Theology at the Ruhr-University Bochum. I'm a part of FaGal Connections e.V. because I like it very much to visit the people in Rwanda and in the DRC - and as well to welcome them in Germany. Together with partners and friends in Rwanda and Germany I've organized some theological conferences with a lot of benefits for both sides. I hope to do this in future, too, FaGal may help us for deepening our partnership.

fabrice ineza

Fabrice Ineza

As a Rwandan studying in Germany, I quick realized that meeting and living with people with other culture and perspective, changes and help us grow with posutvity and more awareness and mainly develop and discover our full potential and abilities. I am part of FaGal Connections e.V. to support our goal of connecting people, culture, talents and abilities worldwide, for a sustainable growth and development for all.


Suzane Tegeka

My name is TEGEKA Suzane., I am an exchange student in German and studying international Business and management at Applied university of Bochum. 

Nowadays, in the context of global development, especially in business, exchanges and interactions are important. 

Thus, I believe in FaGal to facilitate these exchanges and interactions between Germany and Rwanda by allowing German students to do academic and professional internships in different fields such as business in Rwanda. This experience will also allow them to discover the Rwandan culture. On the other hand, FaGal will also allow Rwandan students to experience the opportunities offered by the German academic world and thus facilitate their integration into the local environment.

Jörg Galilee Uwimana

Jörg Galilée Uwimana

I am studying mechatronics at the Applied University of Bochum. I choose to be a part of FaGal Connections e.V. after realizing how much both countries (Rwanda and Germany) would learn from each other as they are sharing almost likely history. So I wanted to be a bridge connecting both countries as it is my passion.

Ngoga Emile

Ngoga Emile

Moving to Germany to study was equally parts exhilarating and scary since it was my first-time experience away from home. Still, after facing all the challenges that come from this drastic diversity exposure that was unusual to me, I can testify that it played a massive part in my personal growth. As hard as it can be at first, I learned how it could encourage the search for novel information and perspectives, leading to better decision-making and problem-solving. It is this idea that aims to connect people intercontinentally and enable them to expand and evolve beyond their current culture that makes me more than proud to be part of FaGal Connection e.V.

Maximillian Schell

Dr. Maximilian Schell

My name is Maximilian Schell. I am a theologian and post-doc researcher at the Ruhr University Bochum. When I was writing my dissertation, I had the opportunity to visit and get to know Rwanda over several years. I am passionate about sharing experiences from our contexts and identifying global realities and (in)justices together. I am very happy to be able to promote and strengthen the global community through and with FaGal Connections e.V.

Dr. Bataringaya Pascal

Dr. Pascal Bataringaya

I am Rev Pascal Bataringaya, the President of the Presbyterian Church in Rwanda - EPR. I did my PhD studies in Theology at Bochum University (Germany) and I am the guest Professor at PIASS University. As the Church leader in Rwanda I am in network with different people in Rwanda and Germany and very commited in the exchanges between these both countries and Churches. I am also connected to FaGal connections e.V. and support very much its initiatives. FaGal Connections e.V. is the bridge between people and the link of friendship and relationship for learning, working and living together in diversity. Together for a common purpose of transformed life.

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Lorien Kayleigh Göner 

As a Media Studies student at the Ruhr University Bochum I am interested in commucation and mediation between cultures.
It is the African music that brought me to FaGal Connections e.V. and I am delighted to support the process.

Philip stoll

Philip Stoll

I am a visual artist and cultural entrepreneur and I am part of FaGal Connections e.V. because I love Rwandan people. I hope to see more exchange between Rwanda and Germany in the future through meeting and learning from each other.

Irene Joel Matimbwi

Irene Joel Matimbwi

Irene Joel Matimbwi is my name ,I am a Journalist and doing currently my MA in Social Science Culture and a Person at Ruhr University Bochum ,Germany.Travelling  overseas meeting new people has always been a Center part in my life. It has always opend my opportunitiesdoors as well as friends. Apart from that it has given  me a Chance to explore more and see the World in so many different ways.That is the Major reason that makes me being a part and parcel of Fagal Connections e.V. because it gives a Platform of Cultural as well as intercultural exchange from different parts across the World.

Linda Kyalikunda

Linda Kyalikunda

I am Kyalikunda, hold bachelor degree in environmental studies. I became a part of FaGal because of the amazing idea of connecting  Rwanda and Germany for better education. I hope and believe it’s going to help both country to learn from each other experiences.

 "Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." - Henry Ford

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