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About FaGal Connections 

FaGal Connections is a nonprofit organization with its headquarters in Bochum, Germany. The organization was founded in 2021 by Fabrice Ineza, Jörg Galilee Uwimana.

They are all natives from Rwanda and are presently pursuing Computer Science, Mechatronics, and mechanical engineering at the Bochum University of Applied Sciences and Georg Agricola technical university in Bochum. Our vision and goal are to connect people globally from diverse cultural backgrounds through different exchange of services. 


We began with a focus on strengthening the bridge between Rwanda and Germany through education, where people from Rwanda would be able to have the opportunity to study at universities in Germany. In return, both the students and professors from Germany would also be able to access different services in Rwanda. By creating this platform, we believe in a future of unity, teamwork, and worldwide sustainable development.


Building and acting as a bridge worldwide between relationships and helping people to realize their true potential, dreams and enabling them to achieve their goals through a quick, strong, and reliable connection between countries.


FaGal connections long to achieve successful connectivity and beneficial partnerships globally . As a result of this, the doors of culture exchange and opportunities will be open and people from both sides can start to integrate by exchanging ideas and skills.


We develop relationships that make a positive impact in our customers' lives by providing them with reliable, quality, and fast services.

Honesty at the foundation of our core values and principles. We aim to work as part of a network of friendly relationships, with the customer always remaining a priority.

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