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Our Projects

FaGal projects were created as a catalyst to achieving our goal of strengthening the relationship between Germany and Africa; where people from Germany and Africa, exchange culture, get to know and learn from each other for unity, team work which will lead to a sustainable development.

teammate and aim high

FaGal Teammates

participants of the international forum with their national flags standing together.jpg

FaGal Intercultural events

Game Show Set

FaGal Talk Show

intercultural events an talk show

FaGal Teammates

FaGal Teammate is a program that connects both professors and students around the world, to share knowledge and experience by working together on different projects, sharing and developing new ideas and inspirations

Men at work in a carpentry workshop, South Africa, close up.jpg

FaGal Aim High

FaGal Aim High project is a project that will help young Rwandan students with high school performance but lower means to afford education and have a chance to study in Germany.

Image by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu

FaGal Intercultural events

FaGal Intercultural event is a project, which will be organized in different cities in Germany and Rwanda, to bring together students, professors, and other people from all nationalities in Germany and Rwanda.

Image by Stem List

FaGal Talk Show

FaGal talk show is an open mike where we want to invite different guests to highlight their experiences and discuss various problems and difficulties that international students and expats face in their daily lives in Germany to raise awareness and strengthen human relationships.

Image by Jesus Loves Austin
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