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Three African American girls (students) sitting at the table studying up for test or makin

After  fleeing the war in Ukraine, Students are interested in resuming their studies in Germany. 


"Education is Life", Since February 2022, when the war in Ukraine started, students were not able to continue their studies at the university in Ukraine. A lot of students fled to Germany; With our motivated team, as FaGal Connections with the help of Ishuli e.V.; We were able to help 9 students from Rwanda who were studying in Ukraine, finding place for stay in Germany, thanks to different people and families who hosted them. Unfortunately there is no predicted time till now on when the war will end, for the students to resume their studies in Ukraine. For this reason, we started the process of helping those students to get installed and continue their studies here in Germany.

 The progress 


At the moment, 9 students are staying in Germany, special thanks to the hosts and we are in process of helping them to install and resume their in Germany. We already applied for admissions at the university; 2 already have the admission and we are undoubtedly waiting for the other admission, to start the process of applying to the Visa. 


We glad to share that the Students have a place to stay at different universities-apartments and most of them are getting money for daily survival. However their Visa will be expired soon, and to be renewed, they need to be registered and start German language courses. Most of them already have got the admission to start the German language but they still have the financial problem, to afford the language courses.

Get in touch and together we help our fellow Students during this hard time:

+49 179 8272790 / +4915906103567

 How to support 

Get in touch and together we help our fellow Students during this hard time:

+49 179 8272790 / +4915906103567

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