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Image by Subhash Nusetti

FaGal Teammates

Getting together, creating the future.

Men at work in a carpentry workshop, South Africa, close up.jpg

FaGal Teammate is a program that connects both professors and students around the world, to share knowledge and experience by working together on different projects, sharing and developing new ideas and inspirations. we are currently establishing a good connection and network between Germany and Rwanda; Where students and professors from both countries get connected and work together as Team. This will be a good solution to exploring and sharing knowledge, which will lead to a creative world in many different aspects and fields.

If you are a professor or a student from Germany, Looking for Information or contact regarding a project or any other issue where you require help or information from a student or a professor in that field from Rwanda, you can reach to us and we find a good connection for your needs accordingly. 

For professors and students from Rwanda, looking for any teamwork whether is a project or any other interesting activity, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, we help find the right partner/s in Germany.

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