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FaGal Connections e.V.
FaGal Connections e.V.

Support children and youth in need of help

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FaGal Connections e.V. ’ main aim is to promote education as the key to success in life and enable all to experience a better world. We decided to look for children and youth from Rwanda who don't have the means to get the education they deserve.

We are now based in Rwanda but we aim to reach all the children across Africa and the whole world that need help.

Rwanda is a country that has been through a lot in the past and without a doubt, there has been a lot of change. It is not enough though - we still have a long way to go. We believe that one of the best ways for great development in Rwanda is to promote the best education Rwandans can get. This will not only lift Rwanda but also the whole of Africa for a better and more sustainable development.

we partnered with the organizations and schools which help kids and youth with low means in Rwanda; With their good will, together we can work, assist and support each other to reach our goal. 

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Partnered Organisations and schools

Hope Nursery School Byumba

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Hope nursery school Byumba is a school founded by Uwimana Louise to help children that otherwise would be without the means to afford an education. The children do not only acquire a quality education but also efficient nutrients through foods such as porridge, milk, and fruits. This helps them grow and concentrate well in their studies since not all the kids have the access to a well-balanced diet. The nursery is also a platform that provides knowledge to parents regarding healthy food, especially for kids. 


FaGal Connections e.V. is a catalyst of change. We look for ways of creating a better future for every child and with their hardworking ambitions to help children in need, we did not hesitate in partnering with this school and work together as a team. Our doors are open for donations and any kind of assistance, regardless of size, will create a bright smile and fulfill the children’s dreams. Together we can for a better future for Rwanda, Africa, and our world.


Kinder-und Jugendhilfe Ruanda e.V.

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SONJA SUERMANN, KRISTIN SCHLENZIG, Kinder- und Jugendhilfe Ruanda

The Happy Kids School in Nyamvumvu

The Happy Kids School in Nyamvumvu was founded in 2020 by the German NGO Child and Youth Aid Rwanda (Kinder- und Jugendhilfe Ruanda e.V.).
In many rural areas in Rwanda, there are only a few educational institutions and often the parents can not afford an adequate school education for their children because they do not have the necessary financial means for school fees and materials.


Therefore the Child and Youth Aid Rwanda (Kinder- und Jugendhilfe Ruanda e.V.) decided in 2018 to launch its school project in the Rutunga sector (about 30 km from Kigali). Starting with the construction of a preschool, in the long term, an education center for all grades is to be built, offering both high-quality and free schooling. The school kitchen with an outdoor cafeteria for the students of the Happy Kids School is currently being constructed. The goal is to offer all students a free, healthy breakfast or lunch.

Group if young African kids walking with buckets and jerrycans on their head as they prepa

We focus on children and youth who don't have the means to get the education they deserve, thus helping them believe in themselves so that they can also achieve their dreams.

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