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Murakaza neza mu Rwanda na



Expand Your Horizons

Service for germans

Internship in Rwanda

Multiracial medical scientists in hazmat suit working with microscope and laptop computer

Rwanda is the best country, if you planning to do the internship in Africa. There are many variety of internship in different fields in Rwanda: Medecine, researches, business and accounting, sport and many more

To apply for internship in Rwanda, please leave a message on our email: with your CV attached, and we will start your application.


Since we want to offer our services fast and on time. we would suggest that you get in touch with us 3 months before your internship starts.

semester abroad in rwanda

Semester abroad in Rwanda

Rwanda is an interesting country in for those who are looking for an opportunity to do a semester exchange abroad in Africa.This is not only due its interestign social life or different beautiful landscapes but also due to its culture and history which is connected to its quick developement for the last years.

Most Universities in Rwanda have 2 intakes; in .....

If you are interested doing a semester abroad in rwanda, please send us a message on our email: with your CV attached.

we highly recommend that, to get in touch with us, three months before the semester starts, to use time to our advantages for a succesful application.

Teach abroad in rwanda

Teach abroad in Rwanda

Old Globe

Apart from helping students from Germany to do internship and semester abroad in Rwanda. we also create a living network of relations between students and professors of the universities in Germany and Rwanda.Where we send Professors from Germany and share the knowledges they acquired from best universties.Not only that but they also get a chance to be exposed to the challenges that the other part faces and they sit down and look together how to overcome that which contribute to the Moto of our century which is Globalisation  


For professors from Germany, who would like to teach in Rwanda, in any given field for a period of time; We help them finding the right university or instituition in Rwanda and provide you a good connection accordingly. 

work in Rwanda

Work / Volunteer in Rwanda

Mixed-races busy team of male and female doctors posing to camera and crossing hands in ho

Rwanda has been ranked among the most rapidly developing countries. If you are an expert in any field and considering working or volunteering  in Rwanda, you should make sure to be properly informed for your move abroad. We can assist you in the process of getting an appropriate job within your field. We can also guide you on the most important aspects of preparing to work in Rwanda including its current economic situation, taxation, housing, visa applications and more.

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